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How to Decide if a Job Offer is Worth Taking

Posted on November 2019

Two people signing papers

Roles within the Hong Kong procurement and supply chain sector can be demanding, and when you receive a job offer after an application and interview process, it pays to evaluate the offer against your own needs before accepting the position.  

Consider whether you can see yourself covering the day-to-day responsibilities within the role in the long term, and whether you view the role as exciting and challenging, or simply a challenge. Even if it feels like a bad move to turn down an attractive salary package, there are elements of a role which has an impact on your job satisfaction and quality of life.  

This guide lists every question you need to ask about a job offer before accepting, rejecting, or deciding to negotiate aspects of the offer. Does the role provide valuable benefits? Will you fit into the company culture? This guide will help you make your choice.

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