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Webinar: Gender Diversity in Procurement and E2E Supply Chain

Posted on December 2019

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​Over 75% of CEOs consider gender diversity to be a top priority, according to research by McKinsey & Company, but gender balance in E2E supply chain firms is not changing. There are still too few women in senior, business-critical roles. Why does this matter? Failure to improve gender diversity profoundly impacts the bottom line. Study after study demonstrate that diverse companies outperform their less diverse peers in terms of innovation and financial performance; and 75.9% of the employees we surveyed agree. Yet, employees report that their companies are not leading from the front: 63.5% say that leadership do not promote the business case for gender diversity and 70.1% say that gender diversity is championed by Human Resources as a ‘people-related’ and not a ‘business-critical’ issue.

DSJ Global recently hosted a webinar series to explore challenges and opportunities in improving gender diversity in procurement and E2E supply chain. In the APAC region, we heard from prominent industry thought-leaders including Peter Sim, Head of Procurement, China at HSBC and Deepa Shahani, Principal Consultant at DSJ Global, APAC.

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As a global business, working closely with clients across the globe. We understand that there are cultural and behavioural differences for companies and employees to tackle diversity. Visit our USA version of "Gender Diversity within Procurement & E2E Supply Chain" webinars.

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