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12 Days of Career Advice

2020 has been a year like no other; the COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on many markets, resulting in a rise in unemployment rates across the globe. The U.S has an unemployment rate of 6.9%,  the  UK has 4.8% - the highest in 3 years  and Hong Kong is seeing their biggest rise in 16 years. With this uncertainty surrounding the job market, how can you improve your chances of finding work? 
DSJ Global is here to help and guide you during these uncertain times, as we understand that this has been a big year full of uncertainty and change. Please feel free to reach out to our consultants for a confidential discussion.
As the holidays approach, often full of end-of-year reviews, promotions and job hunting, it’s more important than ever to demonstrate your abilities. We have put together the 12 most fundamental tips that will help you thrive in your career.
  • 2. Attend Industry Events
  • 3. Demonstrate and build on your empathy skills 
  • 4. Build your personal brand within your company
  • 5. Go the extra mile 
  • 6. Focus on developing your soft skills
  • 7. Work on your public speaking and presentation skills  
  • 8. Upskill yourself
  • 9. Improve your business acumen
  • 10. Leverage social media
  • 11. Update your LinkedIn profile
  • 12. Top CV Tips