APAC Supply Chain - Compensation & Career Motivation Report

As APAC's supply chain growth surges, so does consumer demand, yet businesses grapple with the challenge of balancing costs amid ongoing disruptions like geopolitical conflicts, extreme weather, cyber threats, and shifting customer trends.

In the midst of these complexities, securing the best talent is paramount to ensuring seamless operations and mitigating risks. However, the competition for these coveted professionals intensifying as supply chain operations expand. At the same time, this presents a golden opportunity for professionals to grow their careers in a landscape where they are increasingly sought-after.

DSJ Global, in response to these pressing challenges and burgeoning opportunities, has meticulously surveyed over 700 supply chain professionals across APAC. Our report not only unveils their current compensation packages but also delves into the driving factors behind career decisions. We dissect the results by location, offering tailored insights for:

      • Australia
      • Mainland China
      • Hong Kong
      • Singapore
      • South Korea

Additionally, our bonus chapter explores the nuances of compensation and career priorities among Directors in each area.

Whether you're a hiring manager on the lookout for top-tier talent or a supply chain professional steering through career choices, this report is your compass.

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