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  • Key Interview Questions and Answers for Today’s Successful Procurement Hiring

    6 months ago

    ​The role of Procurement in the supply chain has changed, and with it brings the need for a new interview strategy. But what interview questions should you be asking, and what do they reveal about the capabilities Procurement professionals must possess today? Before we dive deeper, Head of DSJ Global APAC, Matthew Monaghan, details how Procurement has evolved in recent year...

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  • 5 Essential Tips to Optimize Your Hiring Process

    9 months ago

    Discover interview and hiring guidance for employers, hiring managers, and HR professionals in the supply chain industry.The hiring process, including various stages like phone screenings, tests, in-person interviews, and site visits, can be lengthy and tiresome. It is crucial to maintain a streamlined and engaging process to attract top talent and effectively represent your...

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  • Diversity & Inclusion: Working From Home is the Key to Diversity

    over 3 years ago by

    ​No doubt, pandemic forced the global workforce to try on working from home arrangement. Certainly, this could be a very new experience for many companies and individuals. With such experience, 82% of end-to-end supply chain workforce reports wanting to embrace the working from home model according to a recent poll by our parent company, Phaidon International. While workforc...

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  • How Supply Chain is Securing Business-Critical Talent

    almost 4 years ago by Katrina Chui

    Meeting Demand with the Right TalentThe Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in the largest working-from-home population in human history alongside great disruptions to the supply chain. High demand alongside constrained labour and resource capacity in manufacturing and logistics have created critical shortages for medical equipment and essential consumer goods.How is recruitment i...

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  • How to Virtually Onboard New Talent

    almost 4 years ago by Katrina Chui

    Hiring managers, you put a lot of time and effort into securing a business-critical hire for your procurement or supply chain team. Given the Covid-19 epidemic, end-to-end supply chain talent is more important than ever before to ensure people have access to critical supplies, resources and equipment.With now factories in China are back to operations. This is an essential ti...

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  • Hiring Business Critical Talent Through Video Interviews

    almost 4 years ago by

    ​During the Covid-19 epidemic, many of us in Hong Kong are grappling with a new reality. While some companies in the procurement & supply chain sector are slowing down their hiring process, this is an opportune moment to use technology to your advantage and get ahead of the competition to secure business-critical talent.  As a hiring manager, using video calling software as ...

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  • How to Negotiate Salary With a Successful Job Candidate

    over 4 years ago by Katrina Chui

    ​Hong Kong’s job market relies on sourcing exceptional talent from the global job market, and it is often the case that you must be ready and willing to negotiate an attractive salary package while hiring for a skilled, technical or senior role within the procurement and supply chain sector.   When making job offers to some of the best candidates in your sector, it will pay ...

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    How To Negotiate Salary
  • How to Make the Perfect Job Offer

    over 4 years ago by Katrina Chui

    ​The supply chain moves fast, and new technologies require a growing set of skills and talents from workers. As the Asian ecommerce sector booms, there is more pressure to ensure the procurement and supply chain sector in Hong Kong has a workforce with the right skills to keep the chain running smoothly.  With many companies in Hong Kong choosing to hire globally, skilled wo...

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    How To Make The Perfect Job Offer