Global Job Confidence Index 2021

The unsuspecting world health crisis certainly gripped Supply Chain verticals. Whilst the seeds for change have been planted, the fundamentals of how to compete in a post-pandemic landscape - one that is deeply driven and navigated by candidates - is a bottleneck facing enterprise leaders today.  

In a new business climate that is abundant in opportunity and synchronized to institutional relaunch, having access to sentiments in the workforce is pivotal for attracting, securing, and retaining the best and brightest.

The annual DSJ Global Job Confidence Index 2021 surveyed a far-ranging sectorial web of over 1,000 Supply Chain and Procurement professionals. The index captures the beating heartbeat of the labour market, their confidence in the economy, finding or retaining a job, compensation and bonus, flexible working models, and whether the bull-bear factors in employment have changed.  

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Job Satisfaction
Intention to Leave
Career Motivators
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