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Interim Report: Job Confidence Index 2020

​Throughout Q1 2020, health concerns amid the Coronavirus outbreak have made a visible dent in today's economy not just within APAC, but also on a global scale as business leaders are scrambling to minimise the ripple effects to their global supply chains.

China’s manufacturing is significantly important as it is linked to the rest of the world’s supply chains. Whilst an estimated 30-40% of the workforce have returned to work in China over the last week of February, many organisations had to hit the pause button on hiring for a certain period, even as organisations are continuously looking to streamline and automate their supply chains.

Despite the situation, “life goes on” as business leaders must do everything remotely possible to ensure they can recapture the time lost and to minimise disruption, so they don’t stray too far behind of their contractual commitments and financial goals. The light is shining at the end of the tunnel where they are optimistic that things will slowly but surely return to normalcy.

Job Confidence Index Survey (Interim Report)

We have engaged with over 360 experienced career professionals across the Asia Pacific region in February 2020. Our objective was to gather important views and data on:

  • Their economic outlook

  • Perceived job security

  • Are they happy in their roles?

  • Do they feel properly compensated

Our interim result shows that even 41% of people surveyed are expecting a worse economy, over 60% of respondents are very confident or confident about their job security.

Interested in our interim result? Download a copy of the interim report for our Job confidence Index.​