How to Virtually Onboard New Talent

Hiring managers, you put a lot of time and effort into securing a business-critical hire for your procurement or supply chain team. Given the Covid-19 epidemic, end-to-end supply chain talent is more important than ever before to ensure people have access to critical supplies, resources and equipment.

With now factories in China are back to operations. This is an essential time for manufacturing, procurement, supply chain and logistics departments to work in the highest speed ever. Hence, onboarding business-critical talent for E2E supply chain is not allowing for any delay. With the social distancing to prevent from covid-19, onboarding new employees remotely become a must-do for hiring managers.

But how can you ensure they have a positive experience of your company and help them transition back to the office when everything returns to business-as-usual? We have put together this guide on how to onboard employees remotely to help you organize and plan a comprehensive onboarding program.

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  • Actionable advice on best practices for onboarding

  • How to build a company culture remotely

  • How to transition a new hire back to the office

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