Global Whitepaper: The Work-Life Rebalance

Whitepaper: The Work-Life Rebalance

Factories are forced to closed, the global supply chain received the biggest interruptions ever because of the pandemic. While other industries might be easier to work from home, no doubt, it is very challenging for the E2E Supply Chain sector. However, after a period of time, procurement and supply chain professionals adapted to change and find a way to keep it going. Because of this new normal and adaptation, the workforce has experienced and found the beauty of working from home. This, as a result, leading us all to rethink the meaning of work-life balance.

Work-Life Balance 2.0

Covid-19 leads employers to put more attention on employees' health and wellbeing. With the global lockdowns and restriction of social gathering, employers are also putting more attention to employee's mental health. This largest working from home experience no doubt unleashed the potential for employers to rethink the meaning of work-life balance for their employees. As a result, this becomes a unique opportunity to create lasting positive changes that promote work-life balance. These visionaries and market leaders will have the best chance to attract, retain and motivate talent in challenging and changeable circumstances.

How will our choices today affect the future of work? Which path should we take to ensure work-life balance?

At DSJ Global, these are the questions that have defined our daily conversations with clients, candidates, and our global workforce. Our new report, "The Work-Life Rebalance", offers business leaders another perspective before setting the cornerstone.

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The Full Report Covers:

  • Chapter 1:

A Historical Perspective on Work-Life Balance

  • ​Chapter 2:

How Work-Life Balance Could Be Restored

  • ​Chapter 3:

  • How Changes to Work Will Affect the Wider World

  • ​Chapter 4:

  • Three Models of ‘Work-Life Balance’ for the New Normal