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How to Reject a Candidate and Gain a Brand Advocate

Posted on November 2019

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When hiring within the procurement and supply chain sector within Hong Kong, it is likely that any job you post will receive more applications than you needed. Though responding to all of these applications will take up time, it is essential to keep a positive employer brand through a polite and considered rejection process for unsuccessful candidates.  

If you reject candidates in an unprofessional manner, or don’t contact the candidates at all after they have put time and effort into an application process, you are in danger of garnering negative word-of-mouth as a bad employer.       

This guide for hiring managers runs through the best practices for rejecting a candidate throughout different stages of a recruitment process, including guides on how to write a rejection email, make the difficult phone call and ensure that you turn talented candidates into brand advocates who are not discouraged from applying for roles at your company in the future.  

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