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REOPEN Strategy for Businesses

Posted on September 2020

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"Are you working from home or back to the office?" The most common line we have all used to kick start on the conversation. However, slowly, we started to see more and more company has reopened. The conversation starter now changed to: "Welcome back, was the reopen smooth?".

No doubt, this is the longest duration of the majority of companies have had a remote workforce. First, it was challenging to set it up and make sure it is working. Especially for supply chain and procurement sectors, as these professionals usually need to go to factories and plants on a regular basis. But now, while we get to the time that we can finally reopen. What does a company need to do to make sure for a smooth transition?

With our global offices' experience and talking with different supply chain and procurements companies. Here is the REOPEN strategy that you can refer to:

Recognize who needs the office most

Engage with employees to get buy-in

Organize workers into different groups

Pandemic-proof the workspace

Effectively communicate your decisions

Negotiate flexible working

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