After Coronavirus: A Better Supply Chain Strategy

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Businesses are facing uncertainty driven by not limited to the environment, but also to climate change, social upheaval, economic downturns, resources shortages and many more. Furthermore, with the unprecedented public health care crisis - coronavirus, supply chain sectors are facing the biggest challenge more than ever in this century. As a result, implying better supply chain strategy is set on fire.

The Urge On Shifting Supply Chain Away

Procurement, supply chain and manufacturing have been mainly centralised in China. As a result of the coronavirus interruption, global businesses suffer severe disruption while China productions have to put on hold. That is to say, coronavirus showed that many supply chains lack contingency plans to significant disruptions. That urged all businesses to look to diversify their operations outside to one single location.

Increase in Supply Chain Resilience

With learning from the coronavirus, how can companies increase their supply chain resilience? How can companies manage riskminimize damage, get business-as-usual operations back and running quickly, and respond or even gain competitive advantage from disruptions?

That is to say, at a time like this, it is hard to rewrite strategy. It becomes harder to have the right people in the right place at the right time. However, this is exactly what companies must endeavour to do. While many of us tire from sparring in the talent war, this is the arena where victors will be decided; who will survive or even thrive after the dust has settled.  


Right People In The Right Place

“Companies are still hiring supply chain talent across all industries. Some businesses are making critical supply chain shifts from China to other APAC locations such as India and Thailand,” says DSJ Global Principal Consultant, Deepa Shahani. “Supply chain talents are in demand across APAC as all companies are focusing on optimising their supply chain strategies and reevaluating their supply chain efficiency. Companies are looking to avoid any negative impact that the Covid-19 might bring to the business in the short or long-term.”

Download Report:
Strategies to Future-Proof Supply Chains and Your Business

Discover how you can create a resilient supply chain that will protect your business from future disruption.

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  • Take action and exploit changes

  • Innovate out of a crisis

  • Become less efficient

  • Prepare for the end of globalization

  • Value transparency and sustainability

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