7. Work on your public speaking and presentation skills  

Being able to articulate yourself well at your company increases self-confidence, makes you  comfortable around business leaders and stakeholders, allows you to articulate your knowledge and can help you secure a better job.

1. Practice makes perfect, the more you practice, the less room there is  for  error.  

2. Articulate your words - it’s important to be clear and concise when public speaking  

3.Attend other presentations and make notes on what is effective. 

4. Arrive at the venue early: whether it’s a boardroom or interview, this will give you a chance to adjust to your surroundings. 

5. Speak to people before your presentations: This can help you seem more likeable before the presentation. 

6. It could be beneficial to offer to be part of someone in your industries webinars, panels or podcasts.

Advice from DSJ Global: Lack of communication skills and the inability to comfortably bring a point across in an under-pressure situation such as a job interview is one of the most common reasons candidates get rejected at interview stage. When partnering with DSJ Global, we offer guidance and preparation for interviews. If you would like to arrange a confidential talk with one of our consultants, please  get in touch.