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How to Leave Your Job Without Burning Bridges

Posted on November 2019

A man feeling frustrated with resignation letter

Quitting a role you hate within the procurement and supply chain sector within Hong Kong can be a stressful undertaking. Facing the boss, undertaking a long notice period and navigating tricky exit interviews may sound like a nightmare, but there is value in leaving a role professionally and tactfully rather than simply leaving on the day you hand in your notice and burning your bridges.  

If you have a lot of negative thoughts to share about your current position, you may want to hold your tongue when your manager asks for feedback on the company. Instead of burning bridges, it is often best to maintain good relations within the company and your sector.  

This resource outlines the reasons why you should make the effort to maintain your professional reputation when quitting your position, and how to leave your job in a way which is tactful and leaves a positive final impression.  

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