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Ways to Beat Blue Monday

Posted on February 2020

Blue Monday

​Coming back from holiday is real painful, especially if that day is a Blue Monday.

Supply chain and procurement professionals - if you have ever outsourced any production to China, you’re probably familiar with the long Chinese New Year break. Chinese offices and factories are closed for about three weeks. You have to rush to ship product before they shut down. After the Chinese New Year, you have to catch up with the delayed production and customers are chasing you as they need their products as soon as possible.

We all heard about Blue Monday. It is the most depressing day of the week. People feel stressed and have low productivity. Do you wonder why you're feeling so unfocused right now? Don't panic. Here are the tips to beat it.

Tips to beat Blue Monday

Cluttered working space make yourself more difficult to focus. Organize your desk can enable you to think more clearly at work; improving productivity and reducing stress levels. You can also personalize your workspace. Adding personal touches like a plant, or photos of family and friends can always help.

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