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Learning during Lockdown

Posted on January 2022 by DSJ Global

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As the global health crisis brings us more challenges to face, ​many are becoming more and more comfortable staying at home for more extended periods of time. With the days blending seamlessly into the next, how have individuals made productive use of this time during local lockdowns and periods of self-isolation?

Some have utilised this new-found time to prioritise self-care, rediscover a particular passion, or immerse into a hobby as a way of staying occupied and making the most of the downtime. From flexing your artistic muscles, sharpening a new language, to harnessing culinary abilities learnt from binge-watching the Master Chef, expanding your skill set may have proved beneficial, and potentially enjoyable, for many. While it’s easy to see hobbies as a simple way to pass the time, they may, however, be translated into essential workplace skills or leveraged in an interview.

Mastering the mechanisms of a new language, in many ways, can be useful for the supply chain and procurement professionals. Pursuing a career in these functions require an ability to communicate coherently, plan effectively, and retain strong time management capabilities; a highly desirable skillset one certainly develops with language learning.

Our newest talent insight, ‘Locked Down and Upskilled’, delves deeper into this illuminating topic and how these learned skills will help professional growth.

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