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Resignation Best Practice Guide

Posted on April 2022 by DSJ Global

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​Resignations can be daunting and tricky even if it isn’t your first time doing so. In the year of 2020, Asian Pacific countries such as Singapore saw a steep decline in resignation rates across industries largely influenced by the global pandemic and unsure-ness of job security.

However, in this year’s Global Job Confidence Index - over 70% of APAC supply chain and procurement professionals expressed high likeliness of searching for a new role within the next 4-6 months. As we acclimatise to new working flexibility, safety and vaccinated workplaces; you may be ready for resignation and moving on to new opportunities.

Our Resignation Best Practice Guide provides you with the run-down of what is necessary to consider when resigning, as well as actionable points and templates to reference.

In this guide you will find:

·      Determining whether you are resignation ready.

·      What you can expect when resigning.

·      How should you resign?

·      When should you resign?

·      Advice on constructing your Resignation Letter.

·      A Resignation Letter template.

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